Learn how to find right towel for every kind of needs- A complete guide on sustainable high quality, environment friendly towels

Due to hectic life schedule we are ignoring ourselves. We don’t meet, interact or enjoy the nature anymore; as people of past used to enjoy their lives in natural and less polluted surroundings. Many factors are responsible for all this un-hygienic, un-friendly and un-natural environment; some are out of our control and some still are under our control.

With a core brand aim to build an organic, sustainable and happy living; Towel Showel is starting a new life style and better living series. In first of its instalment, we are going to talk about the most important factor which is under our control that can ensure proper hygiene, comfort and sooth in our distorted and un-hygienic life. This factor is actually a habit; which is usage of more organic things in daily life. Not only will these things ensure supreme comfort but also will connect humans with their natural habitat. Today, we are focusing on most important part of our daily hygiene & cleanliness routine, which is choosing right kind of towel for every kind of need and requirement.

These points are not exclusive in nature, rather these will help customer or user to make right choices while buying good quality towels or home textile fabrics. Follow these eight guiding principles while selecting or shopping towels for every kind of need:

1. Need or Usage Requirement

One of the key attribute while buying towel for use is to define need or usage requirement, which can be define under six choice factors; whether you are buying for baby or adult, sports/outdoor activity or home, body dry or part dry, washroom or kitchen, cleaning or body care and personalized or shared property.

When you are buying for baby or your kid, then choice must be of organic soft and thick material. In this case thick micron fibre wipes and towels will be perfect for you, which can be find in combed cotton or velvet towels. Such towels are of very gentle organic and quick drying behavior; which are highly recommended for soft and sensitive baby skin. Further it also prevent babies from rashes and itches.

Another factor while shopping for towels is whether it is for sports or gym activities or not? Outdoor, sports and gym activities requires heavy and long size towels which have to be super absorbent, rigid in shape and big in sizes. Based on these requirements, velvet blend cotton or terry towels are highly recommended. These are less in weight but are of high in performance, specially due to their quick drying nature.

All over body cover towels and body part wipes are different in sizes and in ease to carry sense. All over body towels like bath or beach towels are usually made of thick twisted fibres and required to have quick drying and absorbency. On the other hand, part or small sizes towels are light weight, portable and wearable. Body part towels can be for hair drying, hand warming or face cleaning purposes etc.

On the same note, towel selection decision should also include consideration of whether it is for personalized intimate use or for open place shared use. If it is for shared or public use, it must have to be very germ protective, water absorbent and quick dry nature. Terry, blend cotton and jacquard towels are particularly suited for this requirement. On the other side, personal towels are usually of medium to large size and should be made of organic and nature friendly fibers for better skin experience.

Last factor while choosing right towel for home should have to be making selection of where to use towel in home. If it is in kitchen or in room, it must have to be easy to carry, small to medium size and of quick drying nature. Our 30 by 20 and 20 by 40 sizes towels provides best utility particularly for this purpose. For bathroom and washrooms, towels must be of large size with high wet absorbency, shape and color retention characteristics. Our biggest bathroom towels collection provide all with real value to money. A customer can have European, Turkish and Egypt branded towels here for every kind of need.

2. Gram per square meter GSM

GSM or Gram per square meter is worldwide production standard in home textiles. It shows the strength and thickness of a fabric. The more the GSM, the more the weight the best the quality will be. As per normal brand standard, small size towels must be in between 200 to 300 GSM, medium size must be range between 300-400 GSM and large sizes must be in between 400-700 GSM.

This measuring guide is not conclusive, but it must have to be there as at least consideration while buying quality towels in reasonable rates. GSM more than normal standards will increase cost of production, hence will increase prices for required products.

3. Color & Finish

Another key point for towel purchase is to check chemical treatment in which through that piece of fabric has gone through. Cheap quality towels are have extensive and bad quality chemical treatment which then can increase chances of allergies and rashes This extensive chemical supported dying and finishing process then also lead to hazardous environmental impact with pollution of water and soild. Better and best quality towels and fabrics are more nature and skin friendly. They have pleasant and interactive feel. Rule is simple, lesser is better.

There are two main types of fabrics; one fabric dyed, second, yarn dyed. Yarn dyed towels are highly recommended due to their solid color mix and less color depression with time. Another not so substantive factor but yet important and relevant is of choice of color. Dark color for high performance places. Light color for more intimate and personal usage. People also tends to buy colors as per gender requirements, darker colors for men and lighter colors for women. Buy towel pairs for men and women here with solid colors and long lasting pleasant experience.

4. Material

Towels or other home textile items can be made of various thread combinations and compositions which mainly are of natural, blend or artificial nature. Due to increasing scarcity of natural resources and limited production, huge industrial demands meet with artificial or synthetic fibres. This decision choice is particularly important for people looking for organic, skin friendly and eco-friendly solutions for their home usage.

Towels made of synthetic material usually are of great shape, texture and variety. On positive side they don’t lose shape easily and highly recommended for high performance places; like in mats, beach towels, sheets, waterproofing, gym & sportswear. As to draw back, artificial fibres requires more environmental cost with extensive usage of chemical treatments and slow decomposition of polythene fibers make this option more hazardous to nature. Organic fabrics and materials are more nature & skin friendly. They have the ability to keep nature preserved, hence more sustainable option. For intimate and sensitive usage, these kinds of fabrics are highly recommended.

5. Size, Length & Measurement

Size is one of the key attribute for pricing. Size must match the need and requirement. Bigger sizes for bigger requirements and high performances and shorter sizes for quick, easy and limited requirements. As to towels large sizes includes beach and bath towels, mostly greater than 5o inches, and medium sizes includes kitchen towels with the option of different measurements and ratios in between 20-45 inches. Hand, hair and face towels are of small sizes mostly under 15 inches.

If you are a traveller, then sizes and qualities must be light weight and easy to carry with more germ protective self-cleaning properties. Home requires different sizes for different purposes; kitchen and self-care needs requires easy to fit and to use performance items, and washroom or outdoor needs more. Therefore, select and connect right sizes with right needs. Find your need based solutions here.

6. Environment Impact

A must have consideration for socially responsible buyers and sellers. Due to increasing social awareness a buyer should be aware of environmental impact of his or her purchase. A real sustainable product are those which consumes least natural resources, run for long, re-suable and have easy decomposability.

A single piece of towel can affect environment in three stages of their useful life. During production stage, during useful life and at the time of disposal. At first stage, which is manufacturing and finishing; this item may go through finishing & dyeing process, which requires extensive chemical treatments, which then disposed in local sewerage system that causes pollution of soil water. During second phase of product life cycle, which is useful life. Following factors counts while determining sustainability and eco-friendliness of a product; organic made, fade resistance and re-usability. At the end of useful life, product disposal effect on environment should be the key consideration.

Towel showel proudly is a first socially responsible retail brand in Pakistan, providing eco-friendly home textile products specially organic and sustainable towels, that are super soft, have less environmental impact and have long lasting characteristics which ensure slow wear and tear.

7. Economical & Value to Money Shopping

This consideration factor is our specialty and pride, which provides real value to money with big cash savings on economy packs. We have designed packs of 2 to packs of 12 with progressive flat discounts. Also to support whole seller of remote and under privileged areas TS introduce first time online in Pakistan the concept of online towels at wholesale rates.

8. Protective Abilities

Anti-germs abilities relatively a new concept, specially in the wake of covid-19 pandemic. Fabrics with hypo allergenic nature and germs protective behavior are the needs of the time. Mostly fabrics made with natural and organic filaments posses the right abilities against germs. Such kind of towels are highly recommended for people having body smell or using towels at public places like offices, drive ways or at shared spaces of homes.

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