This is a world wide accepted quality certification which tests textile fabrics for harmful substances. Issued by German company, which is formed in 1992.

Textile process known to be the most elaborative, lengthy and complex process; starting from cotton ploughing to end export shipment it goes through more than 25 plus processes, which includes multiple chemical treatments during plantation pesticides sprays, during weaving processing, during dyeing & printing etc. Because of these, fibers can contain harmful substances and can cause severe consequences to user. Oeko-Tex take extensive Laboratory tests for samples, specially for export order samples. They then check dyes, printing & chemical processes against 100 quality standards, which mainly includes; pH value, formaldehyde, heavy metals, chlorinated phenols, prohibited azo dyestuffs, color fasteners, solvent residues etc.

This certification help to avoid harmful interaction of chemicals with human skin. Standard 100 mean they tested products against 100 parameters which ensure complete toxic free, safe & reliable textiles & garments.

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