Every year big manufacturing setups produces millions of tons of spare fabrics in the name of pre-cautionary measures against their customer orders to save their self in case of any customer rejection. This might seem perfect as far as a single entity is concerned, but this practice globally is the biggest source of fabric wastage. We as socially responsible, environment friendly entity fix this issue once in for all, by opting out 2 key strategies. Our Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) statement based on these two core values: First, our range encourage minimalist options for home interiors and home essentials, second, we offer high quality sustainable eco-friendly leftover fabrics online at lowest prices all over Pakistan. These leftover fabrics are mostly of untraceable minor fault which is not deductible with naked eyes. But we can’t guarantee where and what kind of fault will this is be. But rest assured, we cover those graded fabrics with money back guarantee. This strategy offers international brands at unmatchable lowest rates. Good news is, these purchases are also covered with fifteen days full return, refund and exchange policy to assure customer confidence on our brand and on sustainable shopping. This initiative help us reduce leftover waste and environment hazard by encouraging the idea of reusability & sustainability. Be a responsible human and shop organic and nature friendly b quality leftovers of quality European and American brands online at prices lower than local brands.