Organic Cotton:

Cotton farmed in natural environment without any commercial & artificial processes. Farmed in a sustainable way, it reduces our impact on the world’s eco-system. Organic compounds contain carbon, usually bounded to hydrogen. For Organic cotton, we feed the soil with non-toxic pesticides, zero chemicals and no artificial fertilizer. The key benefits are these methods preserve soil fertility, secondly it protect our skin from different skin problems like itch, irritation, allergy and in extreme case from cancer. Organic cotton is produced at smaller scale but their demand due to go-green earth movement, is increasing exponentially.

Global Organic Textile Standard Certificate (GOTS) is for organic made ups & home textiles like towels & bedsheets.

Normal Cotton:

On the other hand, in-organic compound usually don’t contain carbon. In traditional commercial fertilizers, we feed plant with artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides for rapid and commercial growth of plant. Normal cotton is producing at commercial scale due to largest scale utilization and easy production, still very recommended against man made fibers like polyester etc.