Shade of Blue Set of 2 Cotton 40×22 Kitchen Towel

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  • Made of 100% Combed Cotton
  • Size 40W*22L (In Inches)
  • Weight 0.35-0.38 KG
  • Soft, Skin Friendly and High Absorbent
  • Organic Nature, Environment Friendly
  • Long Lasting & Solid Colors


Design/ Pattern



Sky Blue



Towel Type

Kitchen Towel

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Product Details

Product Instruction:

  • These branded towels are A-Grade leftover of European, Turkish and American Brands. These export branded towels are made with high quality standards, weaved with solid dyed yarns; which then given rashes free soft skin touch with every use.
  • Slight GSM and size variation may be expected, due to different vendor productions and brand standards.
  • Products may or may not have brand tag, also export brands may vary order to order.
  • This particular size is highly recommended for day to day use, like in kitchen, hair treatment, outdoor or gym activities due to light weight and easy portability of these towel sets.

What is Organic Towel:

  • Eco-friendly towels are weaved with natural thick cotton fibers with least or zero artificial fibers mix. Which ensure rashes free best body and skin experience. Due to organic nature these towels are easy and quick to dry which saves energy and ensure regular availability of daily usage.
  • Due to best quality production standard these sets are long lasting and re-usable. Reusability ensures less disposal and support minimalist life style.
  • Less water consumption during dyeing and finishing process
  • Breathable and easily decomposable, which reduces environmental threads cause by excessive littering and fabric disposal.

Wash Instructions:

  • Do not wash with other fabrics, rather wash wish like colors
  • Don’t iron, rather dry in open air
  • Avoid chemical detergents
  • Tumble hand or machine wash is recommended.

1 review for Shade of Blue Set of 2 Cotton 40×22 Kitchen Towel

  1. Morio

    A nice utility for my clinic

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