54×27 Deluxe Cotton Zinc Soft Towel Set of 2

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  • Made of Natural Soft Cotton
  • Size 54W*27L (In Inches)
  • Weight 0.48-0.55 KG
  • Soft, Skin Friendly and Super Absorbent
  • Processed With Eco-Friendly Treatments
  • Long Lasting, Odour Less & Solid Colors


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Towel Type

Bath Towel

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How To Use Towels For Best?

Towels are meant for intimate & sensitive body use. Towel with rough condition can create itches or skin scratches. Therefore, organic and natural fiber towels are highly recommended. These soft cotton rich fibers are meant to care human body the way it meant to care. Always try to buy towels with less chemical treatment.

Wash & Dry Instruction?

Towels must be wash with like colors with good quality detergents and it is always recommended to dry towels in open air. Open air crossing and sun light kills bugs and harmful germs in fabric.

Note: Twill portion, size and weight may vary slightly from description or picture, due to different brand manufacturing standards.

1 review for 54×27 Deluxe Cotton Zinc Soft Towel Set of 2

  1. Rajpoot Ali

    Great stuff and good feel

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